What to Expect at Your Free Hearing Test Appointment

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss can be subtle. That’s why the only sure way to know if you have hearing loss is to be assessed and tested by a hearing specialist. Taking a hearing test is often the first step in determining if you have hearing loss. At Beltone West, we offer a free hearing test that you can take online or at one of our facilities.

What is a Hearing Test?

A hearing test is done to determine if you have hearing loss, and if you do, how mild or severe it is. Hearing tests are completely noninvasive. They are conducted in a quiet room or booth that is designed to eliminate background noises. Results are measured by a device called an audiometer.

There are many types of hearing tests including the Rinne test, Weber test, tests to evaluate tinnitus or how well you can understand speech in a noisy environment. Speaking with your hearing care specialist about what symptoms you are experiencing will help you determine the right test for you.

What to Expect From Your In Person Hearing Test

At your free hearing test, you will be placed in our soundproof booth or room and wear a pair of headphones that are connected to an audiometer. You will then listen to tones at different volumes and pitches. The test asks that you respond to each sound you hear, the goal being to measure the softest sounds you can hear at each frequency tested. You may also listen to speech at different volumes and frequencies to determine the softest sounds of speech you can understand and hear.

What Should You Bring to Your In Person Hearing Test

Though not required, it is always good to bring a close family member or friend to your hearing test. This enables the hearing care provider to test your hearing and understanding of words spoken by someone close to you. In addition to aiding the actual hearing test, it is always good to have another person with you to help with decision making should you need a hearing aid, and to ask questions you might not think of yourself.

What to Expect From Your Online Hearing Test

If you choose to start with our online test, you will be given easy-to-follow instructions that will guide you through the process. The test will take less than five minutes. It is best to use headphones and choose a quiet location to get the most accurate results. If the online hearing test indicates that you have hearing loss, we recommend you come into one of our clinics for a more thorough, free hearing test.

Reasons You Should Receive a Hearing Test

You should think about receiving a hearing test if you already have problems with your hearing, if others around you have mentioned or worry that you may have hearing loss or if any family members have ever had problems with their hearing. Other reasons include:

    • Trouble hearing in loud areas
    • Struggling to hear others over the phone
    • Difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds
    • Ringing in the ears
    • Speech or other sounds seem muffled
    • Experiencing sudden changes in your hearing
    • Ear-related problems such as pain, discomfort, swelling or discharge occurring in the ear canal
    • Over 50 years of age
    • Work in a noisy environment (this is one of the most common causes of hearing damage)
    • A proactive approach to your hearing health before damage occurs
A hearing test can better assist you with getting personalized hearing care, helping you optimize your hearing health.

At Beltone West, our hearing specialists and patient care coordinators are committed to restoring your quality of life through a diverse range of hearing health solutions. If you would like to schedule a free hearing test, call or text 480-937-2968, or click here to find your location.