Beltone Arizona Partners With AudioCardio

Beltone West is proud to announce our new partnership with AudioCardio. AudioCardio is a mobile app that assesses your individual hearing needs and generates a personalized inaudible sound therapy. This therapy is a once a day, one hour sound therapy that stimulates the cells inside your ear to maintain and strengthen your hearing. This sound therapy can be delivered using headphones or earbuds and runs in the background while you go about your normal daily activities. 

Utilizing Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) a tested, non-invasive acoustic (sound) technology, AudioCardio identifies damaged frequencies and matches the volume of the audio signals to the “just inaudible level” or right under where you can hear it. Over time, this strengthens your hearing and helps you recognize sounds at a lower volume level. The software automatically generates personalized inaudible sound therapies based on hearing assessments done in the app, and allows you to continue to personalize your sound therapy as you make progress.

Beltone West is dedicated to providing a better hearing experience for everyone, including treating conditions that don’t always require hearing aids. Studies have shown that AudioCardio’s therapeutic effects showed a significant improvement when targeting conditions such as mild hearing loss and tinnitus. If you are suffering from hearing loss, you are not alone. Schedule a free hearing test at Beltone West to see if AudioCardio is right for you.