We are your trusted hearing care partner who speaks your language and understands your unique needs.

Our goal is not to sell you hearing aids; it is to provide hearing care whenever, wherever, and however you need it.

About Us

For the last decade, our clinics have been family owned and community-oriented, helping patients to live more fulfilled lives. With a combined total of over 38 years of experience, we have brought understanding and empathy to every patient interaction. By offering the best industry leading hearing technology and complimentary lifetime care to our patients, Beltone Arizona strives to help people of all ages get the care and assistance they need to hear better, stay educated on hearing loss and get back to their quality of life.

Voted “Best Hearing Aid Center in Prescott Valley for 2021” by Market Surveys of America, we have served over 7,000 patients, offering an unparalleled level of hearing care only available through Beltone clinics. With four Arizona licensed hearing specialists, Beltone Arizona provides comprehensive hearing healthcare including treating patients with hearing loss, providing customized hearing aids, hearing tests and offering education on hearing loss.

Beltone Arizona currently has 4 locations in Prescott, Scottsdale, Carefree and Tucson.

Founded in 1940, Beltone is a leading global hearing aid brand. With over 1,500 hearing care centers in North America, Beltone is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers and remains the number one trusted brand for quality products among its patients.

Everybody Has a Right to Good Hearing

It is Beltone’s belief that no individual should be denied the possibility of an improved life with better hearing. To achieve this, Beltone bases its operations on a set of well-defined guiding principles:

  • Beltone is founded on care
  • The individual plays a role in everything Beltone does
  • Beltone clearly communicates the benefits of its solutions
  • The Hearing Care Professional is the key link between Beltone and the hearing-impaired person


At Beltone, we believe Everybody has a right to good hearing.

At your local Beltone, you will find friendly faces, experts who are sensitive to your needs, and hearing solutions designed to improve your quality of life.

We only fit Beltone hearing aids, and our hearing care practitioners are trained on every make and model so they can help you determine which one is right for your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.