Musicians: Why You Need to Wear Hearing Protection (and How to Get It)

As a musician, maintaining good hearing health makes it possible to continue pursuing a musical career or enjoying music as a hobby. However, if you’re a musician, you often get exposed to loud noise that can cause hearing damage. Using the right hearing protection can prevent hearing disorders. At Beltone West, our licensed hearing specialists can help musicians learn more about how hearing protection can make a difference to their performance with a customized hearing experience.

Why Should Musicians Use Hearing Protection?

Most musical instruments can create harmful levels of noise. According to the CDC, high-noise environments, especially those over 70 decibels, can cause irreversible hearing damage, and musicians spend long hours in these types of environments regularly, risking hearing damage and hearing disorders such as:

  • Tinnitus
  • Noise-induced hearing loss
  • Hyperacusis, or lowered sound tolerance
  • Diplacusis, or pitch perception problems
  • Sound distortion

Whether on stage or in the recording studio, musicians need hearing protection to prevent these disorders. Hearing protection for musicians is designed to reduce the amount of harm that high noise levels can cause while still letting you hear and maintain the quality of your music.

Ultimately, if you want to continue performing and producing music, you should consider wearing appropriate hearing protection that reduces harmful noise levels. Ear protection absorbs ambient noise so you can clearly hear your own music without distraction or interference from crowds, echoes, and other background sounds.

What Kinds of Hearing Protection Work Best for Musicians?

With the right hearing protection, you can still hear your own voice, your instruments, and the sounds of your bandmates while limiting excess noise from the crowd and reducing the intensity of the noise. Many musicians wear earplugs while they perform, but not all earplugs are suited to protect a musician’s hearing.

The goal with this type of hearing protection isn’t to block out all sound but to allow selective sound to filter through the block created by the earplugs. The best solution for getting the full benefit of your earplugs is to get custom hearing protection from a licensed hearing specialist. Earplugs can reduce noise by up to 30 decibels, which is why it’s important for musicians to get protection that fits their ears correctly. Earplugs today look discreet and often go unnoticed by crowds at live shows. Plus, with custom hearing protection, you can ensure you get earplugs that mold to your specific ear shape, leaving no gaps and reducing the risk of your earplugs falling out or getting lost.

Custom hearing protection saves money for musicians who deal with frequent and continuous exposure to loud noises while offering a more comfortable hearing experience than one-size-fits-all earplugs. Custom earplugs are designed to last, and they’re made with more durable, medical-grade materials that prevent bacterial growth and lower the risk of ear infections. When musicians use this type of hearing protection, it offers more complete protection that can increase hearing longevity and reduce the risk of suffering preventable noise-related hearing loss.

How Can Musicians Get the Right Hearing Protection?

At Beltone West, our hearing care specialists can make custom hearing protection using the Lantos 3D ear scanner. To get hearing protection that promotes comfort as much as it protects against excessive noise, a Beltone West hearing professional examines your ears to understand your specific needs. Then, the specialist will insert the Lantos membrane into your ear, where it inflates to the exact shape and curve of your ear. This hygienic device allows the specialist to create custom hearing protection that perfectly fits your ears to prioritize your comfort. The Lantos 3D ear scanner helps hearing care specialists maintain maximum accuracy and cleanliness while ensuring the best possible ear protection for musicians.

Beltone West providers have the experience and expertise necessary to help you find the right custom hearing protection for your needs. Contact us today to ask how we can create custom hearing protection for musicians.